pátek 25. října 2013

Bloggers quilt festival - Sun Blossom

Sun Blossom quilt
size is  61" * 90" - my largest quilt ever!
wool batting
fabric: Art Gallery Fabric, Rowan, Czech and recycled 
I have number 5 in Bed Quilt category.

It was my first time I used triangles with 60 degree angles. I found it very easy to make!  
I choose bright colours for it - yellow, pink, orange, brown.   I used wool batting. And the back size is a piece of "made fabric". 

I finished my  quilt at my holiday at North Sea. Perfect weather - not very cold, playing in waves, walking and running on the beach.... And there was time to use my quilt - while other are swimming.


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  1. beautiful colours! Such a lovely, happy quilt :-)

  2. It's gorgeous, Jitka! I love the colours...

  3. So pretty. I love these colors together.:)

  4. Love the way the pink pops out on this quilt. How large were your triangles (measurement on one side)? They must have been quite large.

  5. Nice photoshoot for it! I love the perky colors. :D

  6. I really like the triangles and that row of pieced star blocks in the backing is very fun! Very sweet quilt. :-)

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I love the pinks and yellows together. I'm going to try a wool batting sometime. Must be nice in the winter! Your seaside vacation looks lovely, too!


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