pondělí 26. září 2016

Blogger’s Quilt Festival : Fall 2016 Edition - The Shape into hundrets fragments quilt

Hallo everybody and enjoy my latest quilt called  The Shape into hundrets fragments.
This name I borowed from my friend´s poetry (with his kind permision).
This quilt I finished during summer time. It is quite untypical for me. I used quite neutral colours and it is improvisation quilt. What is typical? This quilt is made of scraps and recycled fabrics.

Basic block size  is 12 " * 12 " and final quilt size is 84 " * 60 ".

I quilt it on my home sewing machine and tryed couple of different patterns.

I did not forget a label. For back side is used new polka dot fabric. Also neutral.

My quilt participate in Blogger’s Quilt Festival : Fall 2016 Edition in scrappy quilt category.
Someting for fun:
My husband´s work: How to park scooters.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Senzace. Držím palce.
    Parkování koloběžek je vtipné.

  2. There's something very appealing about this quilt. I voted for it.


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