pátek 17. května 2013

Blogger’s Quilt Festival - Los Podlahos quilt

 I love scraps. 
Size is 59" *82".
Batting is 80 % wool, 20 % polyester.
I used almost 40 fabric. Some fabric come from Bespoken by Art Gallery Fabric.
If you like it, use my tutorial  to make something like my quilt. 
It is hand quilted.

I fussy cut a border. It is from Poetica collection by AGF Studio.

Back is made from my grandmothers old fabric. 

Make different colour setting.


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  1. If I "like" it??? I LOVE it, and thanks for the tutorial - I WILL be making one!

  2. Ah, you entered 2 this year! Twice the beautiful quilts! :-)

  3. Whats not to love about this quilt? Lovely scrappiness.:)

  4. Beautiful quilts! I love both colour designs and the first one has also lovely border!

  5. deka v ruzovem tonu je moc vesela a romanticka. Povedla se ti.


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